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Senior experience in design, illustration, and 2D & 3D animation. I work as a team leader, producing and editing video content to the final render. I have experience creating drawings, animations and stories. As a result of my experience I have developed a broad vision of the problems and possibilities of each project.

I have worked on several outdoor video mapping projects, in cathedrals and town halls in Spain, creating visuals for buildings such as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, El Alcázar and the Town Hall of Segovia, the Cervantes Theater in Málaga… among others. In addition to painting and giving life to building facades. I have designed outdoor video mapping on a boat, a lighthouse, a dress and other diverse forms, in a wide range of themes and scenarios. 

I have designed videomapping scenographies to generate immersive spaces inside El Museo del Traje, in Madrid. I have projected on the ceiling and the walls under a bridge in Madrid Río, and I have also worked with actors and directors creating choreographed and interactive scenery for theater. 

I am passionate about creating digital environments and I have great versatility to adapt to new work conditions, also I am open to work with clients worldwide.



3D mapping for Font Dart Opening at Palazzo Comunale.

Osimo – Italy – 2019.

Abstract Live

Visuals live set for Dj Luciano.

Marbella – Spain – 2019.

Luz y vanguardias

Video mapping for Luz y Vanguardias Festival of Salamanca

Salamanca – Spain – 2019.

Zarata Fest

Live visuals projected on the festival musicians.

Madrid – Spain – 2019.

Tarot animated cards

Experimental project with animation and video about tarot cards.

Salamanca – Spain – 2019.

Málaga Film Festival

Creation of video mapping for the malaga film festival.

Málaga – Spain – 2017.

Madrugada 360º

3D del vídeo mapping with AVfloss, Gri-Gri Pixel and BayDam.

MedialabPrado – Madrid – Spain – 2017.

Mapping 4Faces

Creation of projections for 4 walls simulating a diferent spaces.

Madrid – Spain – 2017.

The three kings

Video mapping for Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos .

Segovia- Spain – 15/16/2017.


Scenography and interactive visuals for the theatre play ‘Ylumalia’.

Madrid – Spain – 2016.

CyPass FV

CyPass FV,  2D and 3D Animation.

Madrid – Spain – 2017.

IMF Short film

Animation for the legal marketing services company IMF.

California – USA – 2014.


Experimental projections on dancer

Osimo – Italia – 2019.