La tronka


My goal with this project, utilizing artificial intelligence to create images, is to bring to life artworks that reflect my vision of the real world, highlighting new queer connections and different ways of perceiving our environment and ourselves. Through these pieces, I aspire to celebrate diversity and challenge pre-established conventions, opening the doors to a world of creative possibilities and a more inclusive understanding of reality.

Arcade tarot

Arcade Tarot is an online tarot deck that offers various spreads, ranging from DAILY ADVICE to COUPLES ADVICE, including THREE MOMENTS, which situates us in key moments of our life cycle, and GENERAL SPREAD, where six cards are drawn to reflect on a moment, an emotion, or our current state in general. This innovative project was born out of the need to be able to enjoy tarot even when we don’t have a physical deck at hand. From these readings, we are developing new experiences and sharing fascinating information about tarot, the arcana, the four suits, and everything related to their interpretation.


Augmented Reality Art Network

In November 2017 we had the opportunity to develop our first application in an Apple environment. The ARAN application, whose concept consists of an app that uses augmented reality to interact with virtual works of art in real spaces.

The application positions different art 3D works, in different places of the city, creating a temporary outdoor exhibition, in this case the first exhibition is established in the center of Madrid. With the application you can guide yourself to the works and view them in 3D live in the different public spaces.