Visual artist and cartoon lover.

I have worked on several outdoor video mapping projects, in cathedrals and town halls in Spain, creating visuals for buildings such as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, El Alcázar and the Town Hall of Segovia, the Cervantes Theater in Málaga… among others. In addition to painting and giving life to building facades. I have designed outdoor video mapping on a boat, a lighthouse, a dress and other diverse forms, in a wide range of themes and scenarios.

I have designed videomapping scenographies to generate immersive spaces inside El Museo del Traje, in Madrid. I have projected on the ceiling and the walls under a bridge in Madrid Río, and I have also worked with actors and directors creating choreographed and interactive scenery for children’s theater.

I work in both large and small productions, creating interactive content for theaters and schools in Spain. I currently work as a freelancer between Spain and Brazil, producing visuals to satisfy my need for artistic expression and for different artistic events and theme parties.

In search of new formats to transmit emotions, memories and sensations.


Video mapping. Font D’art. Osimo. Italy. 2019.

Experimental video mapping piece for the Osimo town hall.

This piece is an experiment with textures and elements of nature, traveling through time and space in an audiovisual collage in which we enter four emotional experiences: the Sea, the Forest, Death and the Rainbow.


Plastic Waltz

Video mapping. Festival of Light and Vanguards

Salamanca. Spain. 2019.

Official selection of Salamanca’s Luz y Vanguardias Festival 2019. Audiovisual piece created with a team. Participation in the creation of content with a group part and a solo part, for its screening at Salamanca City Hall.

A play with the shadows in a plastic universe, using animation techniques with stop motion, collage, projection on real face, using plastic elements.

Music by Sarah Perez


Night Show

Video mapping. Mirabilandia theme park.

Ravenna. Italy. 2018.

Video Mapping on 5 facades for the night show at the theme park, with different scenarios that alternate and overlap during the show.

Creation of 5 visual pieces that were projected on a giant dress, on a boat, in a bridge and on a castle, visuals were also designed for projection on a dynamic water fountain. The theme was based on the characters of the park, to which we added characters from nature with a happy and dreamy character designed for a child and family audience.


Magic king's horse ride

Videomapping. Segovia City Hall.

Segovia. Spain. 2014 – 2018.

Animated narrative mapping on the Facade of the Alcázar and the Cathedral of Segovia. 2D animation created based on the story told about the Three Wise Men, with an initial introduction inspired by nature, water and ice as the main elements.



Collective videomapping under a bridge, MediaLab Prado

Madrid. Spain. 2017

Creation of one of the mapping pieces, assembly and projection of Collective Mapping, Projected with Map Map, a free software mapping program developed by Bay Dam. Video Mapping projected under a bridge during the GriGri Pixel 2017 festival.


Animated tarot cards

Projection of animated letters.

Salamanca. Spain. 2019.

Recreation of scenarios and animated characters inspired by randomly chosen tarot cards. Realization during the artistic stay in Alfara Gráfica. graphic content projected in letter format, in a room where the sounds of each letter come together creating a common atmosphere.

Festival de Málaga 20

Opening video mapping.

Malaga. Spain. 2017.

Video Mapping designed for the opening of the 20th Edition of the Malaga Film Festival in 2017.

Mapping composed of four pieces, each inspired by the following film genres: Science Fiction, Police, Mystery and Epic. Co-creation of the content and final assembly.


Son & Lumiére

Video Mapping for Opera Show

Empuriabrava. Girona. Spain. 2017.

Readaptation of 2D and 3D animations for their projection in the lighthouse of Empuriabrava. 24 audiovisual pieces inspired by each of the songs in the show.


AZercando la Ciencia

Videomapping 3 Faces. Astrazeneca.

Madrid. Spain. 2016.

Video Mapping to recreate a 3D scenography, made up of three real scenarios adapted with very subtle animations and projected on 3 walls to simulate an immersive projection during the live event.



Choreographed mapping for children’s theater.

Madrid. Toledo, Spain. 2015/16

Creation of interactive scenery choreographed with an actor. With some parts where the scenery reacts live to the movements of the children.

A children’s play, where the actor and the public interact with the animated characters on the stage, helping the protagonist, Lucy, to achieve her goals throughout the adventure.