video projects

Hi, I'm Eva, a multimedia specialist with over 10 years of experience in video editing and production, as well as video mapping. I excel in using tools like After Effects and creating captivating 2D animations. Whether it's crafting websites, producing videos, or creating immersive video mapping experiences, I bring creativity and expertise to every project. Let's work together to bring your vision to life!

The animated Tarot cards

The animated Tarot cards are a series of videos, one for each card, Project carried out together with Isabel Puentes in August 2019, At Alfara Gráfica, Salamanca, Spain. (August 2019, Alfara Gráfica, Salamanca, Spain).

Tribute to Antonia Valero

Hologram Tribute to Antonia Valero. Projections on fabrics, pyramid, and brick walls - Music by InspectorJ - Madrid 12 Enero 2015. (January 12, 2015, Madrid, Spain).


Video test using Processing to modify parameters of live image. Self-portrait: Video test performed with Processing, adjusting live image parameters. Music by Tri-Tachyon - (2022, Madrid, Spain).


3D reproduction of the collective mapping Madrugada. Assembly, sound and projection of collective mapping produced by Baydam and AvFloss in Medialab. Projected under a bridge in EVA space. Madrid. Music created with mix of artists from (2017, Madrid, Spain).


Video mapping for projection on the facade of the Town Hall of Osimo, Italy, for the FontdArtfestiva. I took as references different architectures superimposed on the facade, representing a blend of cultures and spacetime. (2019, Osimo, Italy).

Plastic waltz

Finalist work for the video mapping competition "Light and Avant-garde," projected in Plaza Mayor de Salamanca, Spain. Created by Ari Agliati, Eva Aro, Fabiola Simonetti, Oscar Fernández Ajá. Collaboration by Antonio Puentes. (2019, Salamanca, Spain).

Mapping Festival of Málaga

A captivating fusion of alien, detective, and epic film genres in dynamic projections, showcasing my contributions to graphics and animations in the final edition. (2017, Malaga, Spain).

Three kings Parade

To inaugurate the Three Kings Parade, featuring animated cartoons and 2D and 3D mapping techniques. Animation, editing, and post-production by Eva Aro. Illustration by Olivia G. Hardy. (2017, Segovia, Spain).

Opera Show Empuriabrava

Video Mapping for Opera Show Empuriabrava. Readaptation of 2D and 3D animations for their projection in the lighthouse of Empuriabrava. 24 audiovisual pieces inspired by each of the songs in the show. In collaboration with Sole Bonefont. (2017, Empuriabrava, Girona, Spain).

Abstractive Live

A concept developed in collaboration between video artists Nemaniax and Ari Agliati. Sharing the booth with DJs Luciano and others. The party's stage demanded an immersive video installation on the dance floor through the technique of videomapping and high-resolution projections. (2019, Club Momento, Marbella, Spain).


An interactive emotional education show, full of light and magic where children are the protagonists. Narrated by a very special elf, Litxi Triskel. A unique adventure that combines video animation, interactivity, black light, and a lot of emotion. (2016, Madrid, Spain).


Live performance blending drawing, painting, and live music, overlaid with projections, mixed media technique. (2008, Madrid, Spain).