Eva Aro

Digital concept / 2D and 3D Artist

Senior experience in UX design, illustration, 2D & 3D animation and interactive projects. I work as a team leader, talking directly to the client and conveying the essence of the projects to the team, designing, producing and revising content to the final result. I am passionate about designing experiences, animations and stories. As a result of my experience I have developed a broad vision of the problems and possibilities of each project.

More than ten years of extensive experience creating websites in the WordPress environment. I can easily adjust to all types of client requests, through adaptation of plugins and code modifications. My work consists of synthesizing and translating the client’s needs to a website accessible to the end user. I am passionate about creating digital environments and I can easily adapt to new work methodologies.

I am open to work with clients worldwide. I have worked directly with clients in Spain, Italy, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. I have good communication skills and I can speak Spanish, English and  Portuguese.


Teacher of Design, UX/UI, SEO and WordPress

Coordination of the web design area, creating the content of the GesencoFormación Web Masters courses in Spain. Personalized classes and creation of exercises and video tutorials. I have also design of their current website

I have worked on several outdoor video mapping projects, in cathedrals and town halls in Spain, creating visuals for buildings such as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, El Alcázar and the Town Hall of Segovia, the Cervantes Theater in Málaga… among others. In addition to painting and giving life to building facades. I have designed outdoor video mapping on a boat, a lighthouse, a dress and other diverse forms, in a wide range of themes and scenarios. 

I have designed videomapping scenographies to generate immersive spaces inside El Museo del Traje, in Madrid. I have projected on the ceiling and the walls under a bridge in Madrid Río, and I have also worked with actors and directors creating choreographed and interactive scenery for theater. 

Freelance Web Design

More than 10 years creating websites in WordPress, using all kinds of plugins and editing the templates to adjust them to the needs of each client.


Plastic Arts and Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Art Direction in Advertising

Video production

Web UX/UI design and development

Augmented Reality

3D and 2D Animation

Industry Expertise

After Effects
Figma / Canva
Touch Designer
Mad Mapper