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Eva Aro

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Digital Painting

Senior experience in web design, illustration, animation and interactive projects.

I have been working as a freelancer for more than 10 years, as a team leader, talking directly with the client and conveying the essence of the projects to the team, designing, producing and revising the content to the final result.

I am passionate about creating digital environments and I can easily adapt to new work methodologies. I am open to work with clients worldwide.

I am passionate about creating experiences, animations and stories. 

I have good communication skills and I can speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Creator of atmospheres

Animation lover

I have worked on several outdoor video mapping projects, in cathedrals and town halls in Spain.

I have designed videomapping scenographies to generate immersive spaces. I have projected on the ceiling and the walls under a bridge, on a boat, a lighthouse, a dress and other diverse forms, in a wide range of themes and scenarios.

I have also worked with actors and directors creating choreographed and interactive scenery for children’s theater.

Expressing emotions

Generative visuals

Augmented Reality


In search of new formats to transmit emotions, memories and sensations.

I experiment with textures and scenarios 2D and 3D, show different worlds, mixed modeling clay with real objects and cartoons, immersing ourselves in new dimensions.